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Strip-tease / Cippendale Show

The show takes place in the limousine during the ride. Our proposal is to have the dancers enter at halftime and the show will last half an hour.

Options (girls): Policewoman, nurse, nun, slave, rabbit, cowgirl, secretary, student, street hore, shiny outfit, mobster, arabic belly dancer, angel, devil, hawaii show
Options (boys): Policeman, mobster, tarzan, Egyptian or Spanish soldier, commando, pirate, James Bond, sea captain and mariner.

Price: 30.000 Huf

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Chippendale show

A limuzinba történik, menet közben. Javasolt az időtartam felénél felvenni a táncost/táncosokat, akiknek a tartózkodási ideje a limuzinban fél óra.

Választható öltözet: rendőr, gengszter, tarzan, egyiptomi, spanyol, katona, kommandós, kalóz, James Bond, tengerész kapitány és matróz.

Price: 25.000 HUF

Photographer / Camera man

The photo/video experts are separate from the limo time. They can join for any time period You wish.

The video is handed over after full afterwork. (editing and music)

Price: 10.000 HUF / h

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Video operatőr

A video operatőr időtartama nem kötött a limuzinhoz. Kezdhet korábban, végezhet később is.
Komplett vágott anyagként kerül átadásra, alázenésítve!

Price: megbeszélés szerint

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Topless waitress

Sexy waitress/waiter in the limo in various sexy outfits.

Time period: 1 - 4 hours.

Price: 30.000 Huf

Body painting is available upon request. Price is HUF 25.000 on top.

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Go-Go dancer

Go-Go dancer in the limousine wearing sexy outfit. You can select man / woman dancers.

Time period: 1 - 4 hours.

Price: 30.000 Huf

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Romantic / Erotic singer

Available only in the Hummer Daddy limo. Many styles upon request.

Price: 35.000 Huf/ h

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The DJ is responsible for the great atmosphere in the limousine.
In case, the limo is arriving with the DJ already.

  1 h 15.000 Huf     Star DJ: DJS 30.000 Huf
  2 h 20.000 Huf       45.000 Huf
  3 h 25.000 Huf       57.000 Huf
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A limuzinon kívül történik előre egyeztetett helyszinen és időben.

Price: megbeszélés szerint

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Dove release

Happens outside of the limousine, especially when the limo is ordered for wedding, etc.
Place and timing is fixed upon customer’s request.

1 pair of white dove: 20.000 Huf
20 25 pieces of a white dove 40.000 Huf

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Price: 8.000 Huf / h

Elvis Show

An unforgettable experience including an Elvis alterego wearing the well known Elvis style clothing and a guitar.

The show lasts half an hour.

Price: 35.000 Huf

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Bartender / Extra beverage selection

The bartender is preparing nice coctails inside the limousine during the ride.
Upon request we can fulfill special beverage orders and they are put to the limo before pick up.

Mixer price: From 55.000 Huf

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Rendelésre egyedi ital igényeket is tudunk teljesíteni, ezeket előre bekészítjük a limuzinba megbeszélés alapján!

All Pictures Are Real!
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I have seen people travelling and getting out of limos.
Out of these limos. By first sight You can tell they were in a different world. In a world where they were the important, the successful, the celebrated ones.
This is such a great feeling. Why would You not give it to Yourself, to Your business partners, Your friends or Your beloved ones?

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