taxi limuzin

Bachelor/Bachelorette party

The limo is a perfect location to celebrate together and challange friends with different, funny tasks. The whole group can move together with the limousine. It is a good idea to celebrate the affianced couple at the same time but in separaet limos. You can meet up later for a photo. Striptease and chippendale shows are also available.


In case you really want to surprise him/her. We have a pink Cadillac limousine ready for you.


Celebrate in one of the limousines together with friend and family. Depending ont he number of people, we have many limos waiting for you.

Valentine’s day

A day to spend with the beloved one. The pink Cadillac limousine is perfect to be together on this day.


Arrive to the party together with your friends in a limousine.

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This taxi will never let You down, it will never be taken away.
This is Your personal limousine, a vehicle You will always remember. Just imagine why most of the celebrities and rich people are using such exclusive cars. The taxi limo is far more than a simple trip.

Call us, we are at Your disposal!